Global superstar to remix Tamo J’s Level Up

September 09, 2022
Tamo J
Tamo J

Tamo J's camp said he is on the verge of landing a collaboration with a major US-based R&B superstar.

According to the Gennastorm camp, a "global superstar" has done a remix of his hit single, Level Up.

"My management team and I received a call from a global superstar and she has actually done a remix for Level Up," the Gennastorm recording artiste said.

Tamo J, whose given name is Dwight-Christopher Allen, did not disclose the name of the R&B superstar. He, however, said that "We have a team handling the negotiations. I am also doing a remix for one of her songs."

Level Up, a song which speaks to the singer overcoming numerous obstacles to be point where is he living his best life -- residing in upscale neighbourhoods and driving flashy cars -- was released earlier this year. There have been strong positive responses to the visuals online. On Instagram, a viral video released of the behind-the-scenes video shoot has amassed over 4.6 million views, while the official video released on YouTube has over 140,000 since its release one month ago.

Born in London, England, Tamo J moved to Jamaica as a child. He took his musical inspiration from Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Ryan Leslie and Usher Raymond. He is currently promoting new songs such as Protein, released on the 'Code' rhythm, and Life I'm Living, which was produced by Gennastorm.

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