Prohgres wants dancehall artistes to stop imitating rappers

September 12, 2022

Recording artiste Prohgres said that dancehall artistes need to stop imitating US rappers and focus on recording authentic dancehall music.

"When I was growing up as a youth, dancehall music was much more authentic. Back then, all the deejays were trying to outdo each other by deejaying in their own unique style and spitting the most creative lyrics on some bad dancehall rhythms," said the artiste. "Nowadays, most of what is being labelled as dancehall music sounds more like hip hop because most of the new deejays are trying to sound like rappers, which makes no sense to me. Dancehall artistes have always been the innovators, we lead, we don't follow. Everyone knows that rap music and hip hop came from dancehall, so why should we be imitating the rappers?"

The outspoken deejay is promoting a new single titled Clean, which was produced by Pandemic Records on the 'Operation' rhythm. The song was released along with a video on August 26.

"This song is hot, it's a club banger. It's getting a lot of love from DJs all over the world. The video is hot too, it's a high-energy video with lots of hot girls dancing and flossing with me and my crew," he said.

Prohgres is currently busy in the studio working on several new projects.

"But I'm not working on an album or an EP. I plan to drop a lot of new singles before the end of the year. That's my focus right now," he said.

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