Reggae artiste still bats for conscious music

October 03, 2022
Sativa D Black 1
Sativa D Black 1

Reggae artiste Sativa D Black 1 believes there is still a place in Jamaica for conscious music.

"Despite being fed a constant diet of music that carries negative messages, the people still want to hear conscious reggae and dancehall music. Some people are of the belief that it's only the older folks and Rastafarians who want to hear conscious music, but that's not true. A lot of youths want to hear it too," he said.

He continued, "Many of the artistes who make positive and uplifting music have given up because this kind of music does not get the same kind of support that hardcore dancehall and trap-dancehall receives. I am a conscious roots warrior, and I will never give up or give in to the system. I will continue singing songs of consciousness until my very last breath."

Sativa D Black 1 is currently promoting his new EP titled Bittaz The Journey.

The seven-track EP, which features songs, such as Can't Stop A Vip, and I'll Follow You featuring Turbulence, was released on September 30.

"As the title suggests it [the EP] was inspired by my journey in the music business and everything I have experienced in life," he said.

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