Valiant goes viral - Kotch Di Hat slang maker eyes international market

October 05, 2022

Buoyed by the feedback that he has been receiving since his slang, 'Kotch di hat', went viral, dancehall artiste Valiant has set his sights on stardom.

"The aim is to take advantage of the attention I am being given to provide quality music towards the fans and build a loyal fan base. The attention mainly came from the slang and a lot of people are still not yet familiar with my music, but the love is being shown due to the level of quality music being provided," he said.

Valiant is a member of the 1 Diplomats, following his departure from the Popcaan-led Unruly Camp two years ago. The slang had its origin in a 12-second video that shows Valiant being greeted by Fada Dipo, who is off camera. Responding to Fada Dipo, Valiant, who was having fun at his birthday party, said "Yuh ketch the hat a lie. Rich a lie, Fada!" The slang took off on social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram.

'Kotch di hat' is now a popular catchphrase in daily conversations.

"The slang will help towards branding and allow growth musically. The slang is just a stepping stone to transition the fans into being long-term supporters through music," he said.

The Stony Hill, St Andrew native, whose given name is Raheem Bowes, said that the creation of the slang was purely organic.

"It was my birthday and I was wilding with my friends and they were videoing. We were also doing a video shoot. Him just shout me cause him did a video, and it just come to me. Mi jus say 'kotch di hat', cause mi hat did done kotch, and mi say, 'rich a lie'. Rich, of course being you rich, and you know the phrase, a lie, and mi just did laugh because as you see me in the video, mi did kind of nice [ Jamaican term for intoxicated]," he shared.

The up-and-coming artiste said he was reluctant to post the video.

"A mi fren dem a say post the video man because mi never wah post it because the back of my shirt was sweaty, and mi never like that, and dem a say post the video, so people can see say a work you a work," he said.

"I see my career going on an international level, billboards, Grammy awards and other accolades. I envision myself on multinational world tours. The aim is to conquer Jamaica and the Caribbean and make a transition to the international scene," he added.

Valiant is currently promoting his two latest releases, St Mary and North Carolina.

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