IBlack Lion is ‘Happy For You’

December 06, 2022
IBlack Lion
IBlack Lion

Recording artiste IBlack Lion is in good spirits despite adversities, which he highlights in his latest track, Happy For You.

"What inspired me to pen this song is those moments when you do a lot of good for people but they still don't see the best for you. At the end of the day, I'm still happy for you, even if you don't wish the best for me, and I hope that this gives people who hate each other a better perspective to love each other," the artiste explained.

Since its release in September, the track has been gaining much traction online.

"I see this song going places. It's been getting a lot of play at parties locally, and I'm feeling good about it so far. I hope to see it get more publicity, so that the world can hear it more," the artiste said.

IBlack Lion is a singer and songwriter who aims to connect with his audiences at all times. His music can be described as heartfelt, featuring messages that listeners can relate to. This release follows his 2022 project Story Of A Dream, a 10-track compilation which features tracks such as No Pain, Love Complications and Don't Give Up.

"I have a lot more music in store. In January, I plan to release a few songs and music videos. I also plan to go overseas to perform at a few shows throughout next year. There's a lot of work in the pipeline," the artiste revealed.

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