Entertainment Diary - SATURDAY


January 28, 2017
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer With a rather glitzy outfit, this woman stole the show at Smirnoff Drinkers Paradise New Year's Eve party, dubbed 'Champaign Wishes' that was held at Roxborough Bar & Grill in St Ann's Bay, St Ann, recently.


Kingston & St Andrew

Olga presents her Birthday Celebration, at Olga's Place, Hannah Town. Music by Grotto Swing.

This and every Saturday, Magnum Belleh Saturdays, the ultimate dancing party, at 28 Derrymore Road. Admission: free.

Shanique presents Big Money Popping Any Weh Me Go, at Ninth Street, Greenwich Town, Kingston 13. Music by Presto Mix and Classic Team. Guest selector Squeeze Eye. Pictures by Domz.


Rejuvenation, New Year, New Choices, Better Health, at Medallion Hall Hotel, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Hear expert presentations on a range of lifestyle and wellness topics. Tickets: $5,000 per person, refreshments inclusive. Call 488-3345 for tickets.

FRIDAY, February 3

Hard Wine, the Ultimate Soca Experience, at Mas Camp.

This and every Friday, NK Deli and Salsa Society of Jamaica present Pre-Game Fridays, 2-4-1 Happy Hour, at New Kingston Conference Centre (upstairs New Kingston Business Centre). Free salsa classes at 6 p.m. Latin dancing continues until 10 p.m. Music by DJ Drizzy Dre & DJ Chan. Telephone: 754-8714.

This and every Friday, Jackpot Sports Bar presents Come Drink with Me, 42 Giltress Street, Rollington Town, Kingston 2. Every Friday and Saturday, reduced prices on all drinks, lots of giveaways and free tokens to play slots

Fishy-Garnett and Short Boss present, Birthday Cook Out, at 14 Denver Crescent, Marverley, Kingston 20. Menu: Barbecued chicken, fried chicken, pork, streamed fish, sweet and sour chicken, with side orders rice and peas, bammy, festival, potato salad, rasta, and pumpkin rice. Tickets $1,000. Call 473-7256, or 561-3674 for details.

SATURDAY, February 11

Scuddy and Lisa present, Destiny, at Edward Lane, off Shortwood Road. Food and refreshment on sale.

Bare as you Dare, Skimpy Edition, Short Shorts vs Short Skirt, at Steve Madden Plaza, 173 Orange Street. Music by Alonzo Hawk, Road Shella Unit, and DJ Unknown Mainframe. Photographs by Bokeh Photography. Prizes for the shortest shorts and skirts. Giveaways every hour.

St Elizabeth

Chucku and Angie present Seduction, Fully Loaded, at Watchwell Square. Music by Bass Odyssey. Giveaways include tablets and Victoria secret products.

SATURDAY, February 18


Chocolate Fusion, a Valentine's Day party, at Club Pure, Lemars Plaza, Christiana. Music by Stone Love, Superphonic, Pink Panther, Stunt and Mighty, and DJ Nile. Free chocolate and roses for the first 50 ladies. Admission: Reg $500, VIP $1,000, mixed drinks inclusive.

Bad Boss DJ Sherlock presents his Birthday Bash, at Paris Ville Nightclub, Willow Gate Plaza, Mandeville. Featuring Charly Black, and Terminal DG from Canada. Admission: $300.

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