Entertainment Diary — TUESDAY


February 07, 2017
Contributed This partygoer appeared rather trendy in this crop top and pencil skirt she wore to Caution Florida, held at the Luxurious Banquet Hall and Outdoor in the United States recently.

SATURDAY, February 11

Scuddy and Lisa present Destiny, at Edward Lane, off Shortwood Road. Food and refreshment on sale.

Bare As You Dare, Skimpy Edition, Short Shorts vs Short Skirts, at Steve Madden Plaza, 173 Orange Street. Music by Alonzo Hawk, Road Shella Unit, and DJ Unknown Mainframe. Photographs by Bokeh Photography. Prizes for the shortest shorts and skirts. Giveaways every hour.

St Elizabeth

Chucku and Angie present Seduction, Fully Loaded, at Watchwell Square. Music by Bass Odyssey. Giveaways include tablets and Victoria's Secret products.

TUESDAY, February 14

St Catherine

Valentine Music Festival, at G's residence, Sligoville, James Mount. Featuring Mamma's Boy, Kenneth Culture, Abajonai Kushites, Super Blacks, Filantro Lavah, Ornella, Chicken Hawk, Small Voice, Ras Zacharri, Jah Mike, and Congo Billy, Empress Reggae, Don Sheriff, DJ Banks, Ashley, Sacratchylus, and Sobraato. Music by Sound Topics. Backing band: Ruff Cut. Admission: $500.

SATURDAY, February 18


Chocolate Fusion, a Valentine's Day Party, at Club Pure, Lemars Plaza, Christiana. Music by Stone Love, Superphonic, Pink Panther, Stunt and Mighty, and DJ Nile. Free chocolate and roses for the first 50 ladies. Admission: Reg $500, VIP $1,000 mixed drinks inclusive.

Bad Boss DJ Sherlock presents his Birthday Bash, at Paris Ville Nightclub, Willow Gate Plaza. Featuring Charly Black and Terminal DG from Canada. Admission: $300.

St Ann

TP Promotions presents Tropical Storm Cat3, Red-and-Black Edition. Music by DJ Ashile from Irie Fm, DJ Mark Movements, DJ Kentucky, Fantasy Beach, Priory. Admission: $300, fully energised by Nitro NRC.

FRIDAY, February 24

Kingston & St Andrew

Music is Life Food Festival, at Luxurious Jerkaz Restaurant and Club, 55 Old Hope Road. Featuring: Kenneth Culture, Abajonai Kushites, Nitty Kutchie, Super Blacks, Filantro Lavah, Ornella, Chicken Hawk, Small Voice, Ras Zacharri, Jah Mike, and Congo Billy. Backing Bands: Ruffcut, Kasha Roots Band, DJ Banks, Woosh International Popular Sound. Admission: $1,000.

Nick the Cricketer and The Crick Squad present Maxfield Premier League, at Clubs Corner, 6 Fitzgerald Avenue (off Maxfield Avenue). Music by Love Dust, guest selectors Spredy Glory, Oddi Frass and Tommy Diamond. Special guests: Chris Gayle, Nikita Miller, Sadiki Bolt and Damion Jacobs. Giveaways start at midnight for the best dressed.

SATURDAY, February 25

Lenni British presents, It A Work, at Red Bull HQ, Drewsland. Music by Pelpa Sound. Photos by Foster Shots.


Stop The Violence Music Festival, at Nazareth School Ground. Featuring Kenneth Culture, Super Blacks, Filantro Lavah, Ornella, Chicken Hawk, Small Voice, Jah Mike, Congo Billy, and others. Admission: adults $500, children $100.

TUESDAY, February 28

St Catherine

Marlon, in association with St John's Wholesale Liquors and Everything Prints, present Pre-Ash Wednesday Fiesta, at Fren and Company Lawn, 134 Brunswick Ave., Spanish Town. Music by Denny Hype, Team Wire, DJ Ice Kid, DJ Pepes. Part-charity event.


Kingston & St Andrew

Bloodstain Entertainment and RME Musiq present GOOD LIFE, 10th Anniversary, Black-and-White Edition, at D'Clubhouse, Temple Hall. Admission: $500.

Krazy Kris of Kool 97 FM presents Reasons, a night of endless love songs, at Jewels International Resorts, Portmore, at 8 p.m. Music by Krazy Kris, Senor Daley, Welton Irie. Admission: pre-sold $800, $1,000 at the gate.

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