Entertainment Diary, WEDNESDAY


April 05, 2017
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Patrons enjoy BRT Weekend's Xtreme Wet n Wild on Saturday in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Fri, April 7

Kingston &

St Andrew

Seafood Fiesta. Fridays after-work link-up with mouth-watering seafood on sale and big-screen projector showing music videos from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. Jacob's Place, Kings Plaza. A blast from the past! Real good vibe!

SAT, April 8

Hershey Swagg Living Legend, Pure-White Edition, at 121 Windward Road. Music by Soul Kome, Little Richie, Gugu Mental, Bunny Mental, DJ Unknown, DJ Lazana, and Two Food. Media: Sean Flava, Irish and Chin, Jigswag, Sean Image, and Runnaz. Admission: $500.

Wowski Barbers and Dawg Belly Entertainment present Inah di Gully Wi Gone, at Goldsmith Villa, entrance off Mona Road. Hosted by Lincoln 3 Dot. Music by Fire Links, with DJ Fire Chaz, Toxik, Deva Kid, Metal, and Prince International.

Media coverage by Pondiendz and New Ideas. Admission: free.

St Elizabeth

Byron Lee's Jamaica Carnival Junction Blowout, at Pines Plaza.

WED, April 12

St Ann

Caution Events presents Caution Jamaica, The Blackout VIII, at Roxborough, St Ann's Bay. Hosted by Bounty Killer.

FRI, April 14

National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica presents its 10th Anniversary Cuba Excursion, Santiago de Cuba, for four days and three nights. Costs: single US$800, double US$745, triple US$730, children under 12 sharing in double US$638. Costs include airfare, accommodation, transportation, and tour. Contact 612-5707 and 564-2811.

SAT, April 15

St Mary

Bacchanal Jamaica 2017 Beach J'0uvert, at James Bond Beach.

Kingston &

St Andrew

Top Dockis Promotions presents Clean to Me Step Anniversary, Posh Lifestyle, at Little Copa, Eight Miles, Bull Bay. Music by World Boom, Chris Dymond, and Calico. Cash giveaway of $50,000, and $50,000 cash prize giveaway for raffle. Admission: $300 early bird, $400 mid-season, $500 at the

gate, VIP $2,000. Contact

895-5981 for details.

Alka-Vybz at Sabina Park, South Camp Road. Music by ZJ Liquid, The Uncontainables, DJ Banka & DJ Nicco. Hosted by Nikki Z, and Ambassador Daniiboo performing live. Admission: Ladies 2-for-1 $1,500 presold only; general - $1,000 presold & $1,500 at the gate. VIP food inclusive, $2,500 pre-sold only.

FRI, April 21

Bacchanal Jamaica 2017 Bacchanal J'Ouvert and Road March, at Mas Camp.

SAT, April 22

Progressive Production in association with Colette present a round robin and birthnight celebration called Real People do Real Things, Part Three, at Colette's Place, 2 Dorien Avenue, Marverley. Music by Xzibit Disco, with Gabbie and Di Crew.

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