Voices said I wasn't going to die

October 14, 2015
Contributed Brother Reggie

Renee Dillion

Imagine that at the start of this sentence you are a policeman travelling in a police truck in the passenger seat with a civilian. You just

collected some tear smoke and are headed towards another location. An accident is

probably the last thing on your mind, especially if the conversation is really good.

But then the unimaginable happens.

This was the case for former police sergeant, Reginald 'Bro Reggie' Mowatt.

His accident took place in January 1997, and almost two decades later, the picture is still very vivid in his mind.

"We were coming from the airport and coming towards the cement company, I saw a minibus. It seemed as if it got out of control. It was coming across the median strip, heading straight towards the truck. I said 'oh my goodness, this really ago happen?'"

Bro Reggie recalled how the

driver of the truck he was travelling in, who seemed to have no choice at the time, braced himself to give way to the uncontrollable minibus.

"I just felt an impact, then it felt as though the truck started to fly. It was as if darkness took over the whole place. I felt when the vehicle came back down, drop on the side and started to skate," he said.

Bro Reggie also told the STAR that drag marks showed that they skated for approximately 100 metres and that the whole ordeal felt like an eternity.

"I heard a voice saying, 'oh-oh, look how man dead and not even know say dem dead eeh man?' and a voice then said, 'You're not going to die Bro Reggie.' I jumped back into myself and still feel the truck moving and I opened my eyes and saw the dust among the trees," he said

three bodies

"For a brief moment, darkness took over the place and then a light came up. When the light came up, I saw myself standing looking on the three bodies lying on the ground."

This, he said, happened a third time and the voice reassured him that he would not die. Fortunately, the truck soon came to a stop. Somehow, the driver and the civilian managed to get out, but Bro Reggie was trapped inside for a while.

"Me alone leave inna di truck head. When me ready to come out, I had an M16 carbine with me and the muzzle got between the road and the door. I was there fighting to get it released, and after that, I came out of the truck," he told THE STAR.

Surprisingly, Bro Reggie and those who were travelling with him left the accident with no injuries. And though the minibus driver suffered minor injuries, Bro Reggie is thankful that they all made it out alive.

Certainly, he survived death.

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