Real Talk with Asafa Powell

November 05, 2015
Asafa Powell.
Ian Allen/Photographer Asafa Powell.


Welcome back my Real Talk Family to another exciting week. STAR A STAR don't you agree? Of course you do. So Asafa Powell who is our 'STAR of the Month' for November sat down with me for Real Talk where he answered a number of questions. I know you love your athletes so I couldn't wait to share this with you. I checked the calendar every day to see when November would've started.

Speaking of calendar, have you seen Asafa's 2016 calendar? (Singing and Clapping) Hmmm, when I think of the goodness of Jesus and what He has done for me, my soul cries out ... Haaaaaallelujah!

Anyway this is part one of our interview. Be sure to check out the video on the STAR's website or YouTube channel.

Renee: What kind of father are you? Are you strict or does your daughter have you wrapped around her little fingers?

Asafa: Before I was a father, I thought I would've been strict because my parents are very strict. But I just can't say no. I can't tell my daughter no, for no reason at all. So you are correct, she has me wrapped. Wrap up!

Renee: What is your most memorable 'daddy moment'?

Asafa: My most memorable moment ... I think I've had so many, it's hard to remember one right now. But probably the first day when I held her. I was like, "a my own this enuh." My first child, yeah my own.

Renee: What are some of the qualities you look for in a girlfriend?

Asafa: She haffi caan play domino, she haffi caan shuffle (laughs). Anyway, a nice intelligent girl that can impress my mother. If me mother no like her is a problem (laughs). So first meeting with my mother, you have to wear dress. Mek she get used to you before you wear shorts. But once you intelligent and you know the type of person I am and know yourself, we can take it from there.

Renee: Are you single, dating or in a relationship?

Asafa: Me a freestyle (laughs). Right now I'm dating. Looking for someone to come and wash mi plate dem, set up me closet, unpack me suitcase. Yuh see if you can't spread bed? Hmm!

Renee: Soun like you a look fi a helpa to me

Asafa: Anno helpa but you're not expected to just sit around and look pretty. Cyaan jus' pull up the bed and then lay down in it all day. And another thing, she haffi caan hang around with me and my friends. She cyaan be anti-social.

I spy a whole heap a ladies doing some serious introspection (laughs). But gwaan look into things until next week when I bring you part 2 of our chat with Asafa. Until then, keep it real!

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