Real Talk with Asafa Powell

November 12, 2015
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer

Well my Real Talk peeps, welcome back to another exciting week. Like I told you last week, this is Part Two of my interview with our STAR of the month Asafa. We enjoyed a game of dominoes, while Asafa answered questions on lifestyle. Be sure to check out the video on the STAR's website or YouTube channel.

Renee: Growing up in the church and being a pastor's child, did the girls always have a thing for you?

Asafa: Yeah, man, but it's because we look good (laughs). But I mean back then everything was just innocence. Like, I like a girl and she like me off back. We were not as bold then as we are now.

Renee: Are you a traditional dater or are you more of a Netflix and chill person?

Asafa: Yeah, Netflix and chill kinda thing because me kinda private. Me love me privacy, me personal life should be my personal life. I try to keep it that way. Me have TV at home, fridge, table and stove, everything for comfort so we can chill at home. Plus, when me brethren cook, it's better than the restaurant.

Renee: Can you cook?

Asafa: Mi a chef! Every morning me chef up some ... eggs (laughs). You know franks, bread, butter up di bread and ting. Right now me have some chicken under the water, getting rid of the ice and Jigga a come mash it up. But a me give Jigga all him ideas. You know, I test the food more than cook it because me can do it already, me jus' need fi mek somebody else learn.

Renee: What are your plans after track and field?

Asafa: I just want to relax for a minute and just enjoy a little freedom. But everyone knows I'm into cars, I love cars so I plan to open a pretty decent garage. I have a lot more things investing in, but my main love is cars so I'm focusing on that and my sub-10 line as well and my foundation. I don't know if I'm doing anymore calendars cause me show everything already.

Renee: Yuh show EVERYTHING?

Asafa: (laughs) Yeah, man, if you get infrared (laughs). No man, me show everything that people supposed to see.

Ahoa! Asafa know chalk mark. Anyway, you can learn something new about him every day for the rest of November; just grab a copy of the STAR. This is where I say, "peace out", until next week, keep it real!

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