Real Talk: Dancehall Queen Carlene

November 26, 2015
Dancehall Queen Carlene

Welcome back my Real Talk family, I missed you last week but the flu, the flu, the flu ... doan ketch it!

So my guest this week is Dancehall Queen Carlene. "Butterfly, butterfly, mek me see yuh butterfly ... " You remember dat? Yup, that's her dance, but when we spoke she did not just talk about dancing, she answered questions on relationships, motherhood and the friendship she shares with her ex and father of her child, Beenie Man.

Renee: What kind of mother are you?

Carlene: I think I am a cool mom. I'm strict when I need to be, lenient when I need to be but definitely cool. She (my daughter) thinks I'm cool. I go to all the parties with her. I'm the aunty who goes out with them. Sometimes you will see me out with eight little girls and boys too. It's always aunty Carlene. Crystal you are my world, I love you with all my heart.

Renee: Are you in a relationship?

Carlene: Let's just say, it's complicated (laughs). You could add very complicated (laughs).

Renee: What do you look for in a partner?

Carlene: I must be attracted to the man for some reason or another. I can't know your mind or your heart until I get to know you, so I must be attracted to you. I love a man that smiles a lot, I love tall men and definitely dark men. The man that I'm attracted to is a man that is caring, somebody who will think about me even before he thinks about himself (chuckles). I love any man that makes me laugh. I can be tricked by a man that makes me laugh. I like humour not corny.

Renee: Many say you are the love of Beenie Man's life. How do you respond to that?

Carlene: (laughs) The last time I

responded to a question like that it was misunderstood totally to sound as if I was directing it to somebody. I jokingly said, 'I have his heart and I never gave him back'. I am going to joke again and say I have his heart, and 20-odd years later, I never gave him back. We are best friends. You don't get that, you earn that. He says if he has a headache, it doesn't matter who he's with, he's calling me. We have a bond that is different based on where we were, how we got there and where we are. If he is involved with a woman or two or 10, I don't care. I disrespect none of his women so when I said that, I had no intentions to disrespect anybody. Our friendship is excellent and our daughter loves him, to death. Over the years I've always been there for him and with him and I will continue to do just that. We respect each other.

Renee: Can you do any of these modern day dance moves?

Carlene: I can do all of them (laughs). I can dance. Remember you know, dancing is rhythm from head to toe. My daughter thinks I can dance. Sometimes I will show my daughter the new dance moves and she will say, 'mommy, you don't go anywhere and you know these moves'.

I'm going to leave you here for this week. I'll finish up this interview next week because there's much more to our conversation that I think you'd be interested in. Have a great weekend. Until next time, keep it real.

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