My Confession: I allowed my neighbour's son to eat faeces


December 18, 2015

STAR, when I was younger, I did something horrible to my neighbour, but I think they kind of deserved it.

Back then, two little boys lived beside us. There was two-year-old Tommy* and 10-year-old James*. James used to pick on my little brother and beat him up all the time for no reason at all. Because of that. I hated him so much, but I had no way to get back at him because if I slapped him back, he would go tell his 'mumma'.

One day, the mother had to go to the market and she begged me to watch her mongrel pickney dem. I told her no problem. Honestly, I had no intentions to do anything bad to them, although I hated them.

But little bit after the mother gone, me go ova dem house go check up pon dem, only fi see the little two-year-old one a crawl on the lawn in front the house and a put something inna him mouth. On closer observation, I noticed it was a piece of dry dog s..t. I swear, mi just do like me no see. After all, a no me give him fi eat. So really and truly, me neva do nothing wrong.

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