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January 14, 2016
File Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas

Hi Real Talk peeps, welcome and happy new year. I trust this will be a great year for you all. My guest this week is Mr Vegas. He answers questions on relationships, romance, fatherhood and Christianity.


Renee: What kind of father are you?

Mr Vegas: I would call myself a loving father, I don't believe in the abusive type of disciplinary action. I think I'm able to speak to my kids and they understand by just speaking to them.

Renee: What do you look for in a girlfriend?

Mr Vegas: Trust. Trust is big with me as well as honesty, cleanliness. I think trust and cleanliness is my top two. I like the whole hygiene thing. I love nice smell. I really watch that in a woman, how clean her surrounding is.

Renee: What is the most romantic thing you've ever done?

Mr Vegas: In a long-time, I think the most romantic thing I've ever done was to spend the holidays in Canada and we had a nice little blast. It was just getting away; we went to a few exotic scenes.

Renee: When did you get your first hit?

Mr Vegas: When I got my first hit, I was like, maybe 22. When my mom used to walk around and wash people clothes. I said to God, 'Father God, I'm just begging you an opportunity to let my mom stop walk around and wash people clothes'. He blessed me with a song and the song was Heads High. God answered my prayer and I was able to put bread on my mom table and stop my mom from doing that and from having people disrespect her. That to me is a major blessing.

Renee: Many are predicting that you will be the next dancehall artiste to turn to Christ. How do you respond to that?

Mr Vegas: I always try to live as best as I can. I am not the 'oh so holy' person who will just forget about everything I am doing. I don't believe that God is this cruel person who will just punish me because I'm doing my music and going out there to feed my kids. At no point in my life, have I ever served the devil. I am not going to confuse my fans and say, I am now in the church and following the Lord's footsteps then hide in Europe and sing Bruk it Down.

I was baptised as a kid about nine or 10, I think I did it because I was following other kids at my church. When they were doing the communion on the Sunday and they were giving us that thing to eat, I swear to you, I've never been more sick in my life so that just shows is not something you should just run into because you see other people doing it. I am just living my life clean, honest and pleasing to the Almighty.

Well folks, this is where I say, 'deuces'. See you next week. Until then, keep it real!

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