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January 28, 2016
Contributed Richie Feelings and his children
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Hello my Real Talk family. When you say Real Talk, you say Richie Feelings, veteran dancehall selector and family man, who is never afraid to keep it real. He was our guest for this week, and he answered a number of questions. All I'm going to say is, Richie yuh a big ting. You are a fritters wid whole heap a salt fish inna it.

Renee: What kind of father are you?

Richie Feelings: I'm strict, I'm a lenient father, and sometimes dem tek me fi eediat. Dem know say me spoil dem. If dem go to dem mother and she say, 'leave me alone,' dem say, "if daddy did deh here." They know once daddy has it, they will get it.

Renee: What is your greatest 'daddy' moment?

Richie Feelings: Well one of my greatest daddy moments was to see both of them in 1997 on a Friday morning, when they were just born. When I went down there and I saw these two little babies, a girl and a boy, I said 'Jesus Christ, look at it. I've made it'. That was my most memorable moment. I am very proud. Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere.

Renee: What do you look for in a woman?

Richie Feelings: Very ambitious, very down to earth. Communication is a big thing that I look for in a woman. Some woman will talk about a show, a dress or a hairstyle, but when it come down to the nitty-gritty, like what plans do we have for the future, what plans do we have to secure a future for the kids, dem tell you dem will call you back. Dem cyaan answer that. So that is a big thing for me.

Renee: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Richie Feelings: My greatest accomplishment is being a parent. I get to watch my kids from they just come out of the womb to where they are now. In the entertainment industry, there are a lot of accomplishments, but the greatest one for me is my kids.

Renee: It is a life and death situation and you had to date one female dancehall artiste, who would that be?

Richie Feelings: Everybody know say a Spice a me woman. Yuh see dah black gal deh, me know her from she have likkle bit of clothes, me know her from her light cut off ova har yaad. Me know from a candle she have and a struggle. Me love her. Spice a my gal, me have her lock. It would be Spice or Pamputtae. A my gal dem.

Well Real Talk peeps; this is where I leave you. I can hardly wait for next week, but until then, keep it real!

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