Real Talk: Tifa speaks kids, career

April 07, 2016

Hi my Real Talkers, welcome back to another exciting week. This week, I wrap up my interview with Tifa. She answers questions on music, heartbreak and obstacles that she overcame.

Renee: Do you want children?

Tifa: Of course. I'm an only child so I think it is only right that I give my mother a grandchild. I can't continue to give her dogs (laughs). I think having two children is OK. I didn't mind being an only child, but, you know, I wouldn't mind having a girl and a boy.

Renee: Has your heart ever been broken?

Tifa: Of course. Hasn't everybody? It's not the nicest feeling in the world, but I've gotten some good songs out of it. Usually, whether it is heart break or any negative situation, I always get a hit song. I always channel that energy into my music. So it works in my favour.

Renee: What would you say is the greatest challenge that you've overcome?

Tifa: I wouldn't even say my legs because everybody know seh me foot dem bend. I would probably say that in the beginning when I was trying to come into the business, but I'm over that. A lot of persons didn't take me seriously. They said, 'a weh deh handicap yah a go?' But now dem no have a choice. But overall, I believe the biggest challenge I've overcome is negative energy and how cut throat society can be. The reason I did the mix tape was because another female went on my page and screenshot a picture and sent it to one of my corporate companies. I was like, 'why would you do that?' Those are kinds of energy and obstacles I've overcome.

Renee: Who would you like to collaborate with in music?

Tifa: I love Kanye, I've always loved Kanye, Drake and Pharrel. But my dream is to see a Caribbean takeover. I would love to see me, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna on one song. That woulda sick, three Caribbean girls just a mash up di place. Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados, sick!

Renee: What would people be surprised to know about you?

Tifa: I am a really nice person until you cross me. Me a di mad friend outta di lot. I'm a fun loving, spontaneous kind of person. I will just jump out of the plane, and I'm like, 'guys me miss unuh', and we'll just go straight to Mega Mart and buy food and me cook and everybody just chill out at my house.

Well, that's a wrap! It was good talking with Tifa. See you next week when I'll be chatting with another artiste who a 'Hot Up' di place. Can you guess who? Until then, keep it real!

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