Diane in a man's world

June 02, 2016
Diane Foulks

For fearless National Drag Racing Circuit (NRDC) driver Diane Foulks competing in the sport dominated by men is a hobby at which she is determined not to be outdone by male rivals.

Foulks won the 15-second class at the Vernamfield Motorsports Park last year, but fell short of qualifying for the elimination round this year with a time of 14.88 seconds in the Super Street 15-second class on Sunday.

"I just told the car I wanted 15 seconds today," Foulks revealed in a post-race interview Sunday.

The 14.88 seconds was her fastest time ever, despite having a late reaction time of 6.72 to her opponent's 5.88 seconds. Foulks, however, caught up with him and broke out of her 15-second class in the process.


Top honours


The passionate driver is a mother of a nine-year-old daughter, and works at the National Water Commission as an administrative clerk.

She was one of three females who battled males in their fast cars on Sunday, and although not qualifying for the eliminations, Foluks said she will be back hunting top honours.

The Spanish Town-based driver sports a 1998 model white Toyota Levin, stocked with a black top 20 valve factory engine, and specifications like cool air in-take.

Stock means there are no additions from its factory settings. It is not turbo charged even though she and her mechanic have been considering installing turbo.

"It is my everyday vehicle that I drive to work and carry my daughter's to school. People normally recognise me and say: 'Hi, I know you from Vernamfield, and you performed well, and did some good runs,," Foulks told THE STAR.


Stock equipment


Foulks' only modification to his car is carbon fibre bonnet, which makes it 50 per cent lighter than the stock equipment.

"If I boost it (car) I can probably reach in the 13-second class, but let's see. At the end of the day, it boils down to the driver in the vehicle," she stressed.

Foulkes told THE STAR that she is looking to continue her love affair with the sport.

"Drag racing is always something that I like; I've tried it, liked it, progressed with it, so I am keeping it up. Hopefully, further on, I do some more improvements on the car and move into a lower class time," she said.

Despite her love for cars and the sport, Foulks said he has only "a basic knowledge of the machine."

"I have my mechanic who does the technical work, but I have a general knowledge of the car, how it runs and how it is supposed to feel and stuff like that," said the woman who is standing tall in what is considered a man's world.

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