Real Talk: Yanique discusses plastic surgery, achievements

June 23, 2016
Yanique Barrett
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer STAR of the Month Yanique Barrett

Welcome back, my Real Talk peeps. This week, I wrap up my interview with our STAR of the Month, the 'Curvy Diva', Yanique. And this week, she speaks to us on education, achievements and goals.

Renee: How do you handle criticism?

Yanique: I just don't handle it. You see, because I know half the time it is not true; and even if it is true, I don't care because I know what I do. I answer to myself. Mi just brush it off. It's like I'm reading about somebody else and it is so fascinating and funny. I think it's a safe zone that I put myself in from school days. I just kinda block it out. I kinda find that thick skin.

Renee: The critics are saying a lot about you and plastic surgery, how do you respond to that?

Yanique: Plastic surgery and the Curvy Diva. Listen, people just a chat up a bag of things. Unless they're going to ask me certain little things and ask if I can give some advice, me nuh have no time fi unuh. I just think it's my business and I have the power to do anything me waan do to mi self. Persons want to know so much. I mean, at the end of the day, I've said that I've done my 'ta tas' (breasts) and whatever the situation, and dem want more. I've kept it real, but persons still want to push more on me. Mi hear say me do me knee, and I'm like, 'huh?'

Renee: What would you say is your greatest achievement to date?

Yanique: My greatest achievement, you know, moms would say dem pickney. Overall, just tapping into the market. The whole thing of getting pregnant in college, losing my scholarship and literally come out to hear persons saying, 'hey.' I wouldn't say I'm on top, but at least, I'm not far from the top. So, my greatest accomplishment is doing this job, doing media, being in media and owning it, and making a name for myself.

Renee: Talk to us about the academic side of Yanique.

Yanique: I started college, I didn't finish because I had my child. But regardless of that situation, I still want young girls to finish school and I am still going to UWI. This is what I want people to know, let no one bully you and tell you they are educated and this and that. Education is for everybody, it's absolutely never too late. If you don't have the education, go get it. If you nuh done, go done - simple.

Renee: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Yanique: I'm signed to a new management company, so we have a lot of stuff planned or in the making. In five years time, just a lot of TV production. That's my true passion, selling TV shows to other companies. I'm selling one to a station in Canada, South Africa, the United States. I love thinking about stuff and seeing it come to life. I want to be one of the top producers in Jamaica and probably throughout the world. So, in five years it will happen, trust me.

This is where I say, peace out for this week. Until next time, keep it real!

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