STAR of the Month : Devin Di Dakta preps for the Grammys

February 10, 2017
Devin Di Dakta is all smiles.
Devin Di Dakta seems rather intense during his pedicure.
Devin Di Dakta strikes a pose prior to his fitting with designer Carlton Brown.
Devin Di Dakta gets his hair washed.
Devin Di Dakta gets his hair combed.


Yesterday was the final day of preparations for Devin Di Dakta before he makes his weekend trip to Los Angeles, California. The artiste spent the morning between a salon, a nail shop and a barber shop to get ready for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

Even though the big ceremony is just a flight and a few days away, the young Grammy nominee is yet to feel pangs of nervousness.

"Maybe when mi reach, but not now. Mi nuh know why di butterfly dem a tek so long fa? Why? But dem a tek too long fi reach," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

As for right now, Devin said that he feels "cool."

"Maybe when mi reach, or maybe when di plane land, and mi start walk inna LA. Wuss when mi all go look and see di Staples Center. But fi now, cool man. Cyaa wait, but mi a gwan humble same way man. Wait till them call mi name, goin' mek a bagga excitement," he said.

"If dem don't call mi name, mi still win. From the morning mi get the call, mi win enuh."

Though not overly excited to mingle with celebrities, the dancehall artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is looking forward to the networking opportunities that attending the ceremony may bring.

"Cyaa mek di party miss me. Mi just want to meet people and get some links. Dat a di main ting weh mi really want," he said.

John Legend, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber and Beyonce are some of the international pop stars who Devin is excited to mingle among.

"In one place? That mean more than the Grammy man," Devin told THE WEEKEND STAR. "The experience, to me, that mean more than the Grammy to me. To get to be around the greats in the music industry, like a higher level," he said.

"A lot of links will be there. Sony, Universal, yuh neva know. Big contract we can sign, career can go to the next level after that, so let's just wait and see."

Win or lose, Devin has laid out plans for the weekend into next week. "After party, straight pon di plane come back home. Grammy then party, then straight home. No sleep," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

And the plan for when he does get home?

"Sleep! And then go St Mary go look fa mi family, and spend some time and get some rest. Mi a go lock off mi phone, so no one will be able to contact me. One full week. Then after that, work flow again inna Kingston," he said.

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