Rescued by God


February 25, 2017
George Henry Angella Dunkley

Angella Dunkley of the White Shop Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Clarendon shared that she is blessed to be alive.

She said that on February 1, she and four occupants of an SUV were on their way from a funeral on from the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God in Clarendon to lay her mother-in-law, Winnifred Dunkley, to rest at a cemetery in Manchester.

"We were on our way to the burial ground and we missed our turn. Someone directed us to take the correct road. A vehicle was driving in front of us. We thought we missed our turn, and so we turned back into a road in which we were being called by someone," said Dunkley.

The former church deaconess shared further that when they followed the instructions given by the individual, the driver decided to go up a hill to turn their vehicle.

"On our way going up the hill to turn the vehicle, it developed a skid, because the roadway was wet following a downpour. The vehicle slammed into a wall, lifted off the road and was airborne, overturned, and then rolled over about four times, hit into a wall before it came to a stop upside down," testified Dunkley.

other occupants

She shared that while the vehicle was upside down, she and the other occupants were trying to find the door but could not. They were unable to get out. But things changed.

"When I looked, somebody opened the door. I do not know who the person was, but the door was open. I was taken out, and I cannot tell where the person turned after I got out. I don't even know who the person was who helped me out of the damaged vehicle," she said.

Dunkley said, her son then got out of the vehicle, followed by her aunt.

"However, my husband and my aunt's husband were stuck in the vehicle because they had on their seat belts," noted Dunkley.

She pointed out that when her husband finally got the seat belt pulled, he fell from the seat.

She said that her aunt's husband, was released from his seat belt by her husband, who was not well because he was recovering from an operation on his back.

"The five of us walked out of the vehicle without receiving any broken bones. However, my neck and shoulder got injured. My aunt's neck and forehead were slightly injured. The vehicle was written off. We were rescued by God. If it was not for God, all of us would have died in that accident," testified Dunkley.

She reported that she was told by a man who lived close to where the accident happened that all the occupants of the SUV were lucky to be alive because whenever there was a motor vehicle accident at that spot, someone always died.

"God is good. I did not get to see who helped me out of the crashed vehicle, but our lives have been spared by God. To God be the glory, great things He has done. We still have our life through Christ," said Dunkley.


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