My Confession: I got caught eating from the garbage bin


March 03, 2017
File Garbage

STAR, this happen when mi was a young boy inna mi teens living in St Mary. It was during a summer break from high school.

Mi remember the holiday clearly because there was a specific beach trip wha used to keep a year time all the way inna Negril, and that year, mi mother finally say mi could go if mi have mi own money.

Right away mi start look a little summer job. Finally, one of mi bredrin father set mi up on a part-time job in a office to file some paper.

The pay wasn't much, so mi couldn't waste any of it pon bus fare or food. Mi have to wake up early and walk fi bout 30 minutes go a work and carry the breakfast wha mi mother cook fi eat as mi lunch.

One day, mi mother never cook so mi neva have no lunch. About midday hungry start box mi, but mi decide say mi ago tough it out.

It so happen that mi supervisor send mi go buy a burger, and God know mi did tempted fi bite a piece, but mi mother raise mi good.

After mi supervisor take about four bites, the woman dash the burger inna the rubbish bin and say she no bother want it. As soon as she leave the office, mi go take it up and nyam it off fast.

Mi neva know say camera inna the office and she was watching mi from the other room when she leave.

Mi frighten when she come back and ask mi why mi a eat from the garbage bin, mi couldn't even answer her.

Mi did too shame. Mi run outta the office and never go back. Not even mi pay mi no collect.

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