STAR of the Month : Bounty Killer unimpressed with young performers

March 13, 2017
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer has expressed disappoint at the attitude of some younger acts towards stage performances.

Acknowledging that easy command of a stage comes with a lot of practice and experience, Killer believes that young performers are more about hype than they are about entertaining a crowd.

"Most of dem young artiste yah don't tink dem have a problem. The people complain innuh, but they don't care. Dem so hype and into dem thing, and mi nuh tink dem wah do more dan weh dem a do. Dem alrite wid weh dem deh," Bounty Killer told THESTAR. "Dem nah look back pon who do it best, and dem feel like dem ah outdo weh we do, suh dem nuh need nuttin weh we do. Dem do tink seh dem owe it to di crowd. Dem seh mi big areddi," he said.

"Alkaline know him cyaa perform and him doe business. Popcaan a try to perform. At least, I can see dat he's fighting it and he's gonna get better. 'Cause every time yuh see him, yuh see him a try guh up deh," he continued.

"When me first come out, mi couldn't perform innuh. Nah tell nuh lie innuh. If you watch back my performance, mi just did bad and mi have good song. But I wasn't any great performer," Bounty Killer told THE STAR. "Cause when mi just come out, Beenie used to outperform me still, 'cause Beenie used to have that experience of knowing how to master di stage and how to interact with the crowd, and I never know how important that was."

Along with experience, Killer said that much research went into his own performance development over the years, even paying attention to artistes he was not trying to emulate. "Mi did tink me haffi grow, and mi did a watch di best, and I wanna be exactly like the best or greater. Anyting weh YouTube coulda find, mi watch back dat," he told THE STAR. The Brigadiers, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin Nicodemus and Supercat are some artistes Bounty Killer said he looked up to expand his performance knowledge.




"I never had a mentor. Is not like Mavado and Kartel or Ele and Busy, who used to have Killa weh say 'do this, yuh nuh do dat right.' So I did haffi just use experience as my knowledge," he said.

"Mi worried bout every performance when mi puh dung. Mi nuh tink me good from last year. Mi tink me good from right ya so. Me is good as my past performance. So I used to really worried about weh mi a do. Yuh haffi love the music, fi wah do it to the best of your ability. So you get the insight, and you learn it, you get the craft and it come naturally. Any day mi guh pan the stage and mi nuh connect with the crowd, mi nuh deserve fi be Bounty nuh more."

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