STAR of the Month: I am not a role model — Savage

May 02, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage is not going to use his time in the spotlight to be a teacher. The dancehall deejay said that his career was not built on being inspirational it is meant to be entertaining. With recently released dance songs like 'Culu Culu', 'Jiggle Likkle' and 'Clean Skin' stirring fans locally and internationally, the performer has no intention of purposefully producing what he calls 'potent' content.

"Wah me realise wid Jamaicans, is not all of us are looking for that potent, clean something. We a look fi nonsense. Some like catchy ting. 'Dawg dem haffi live'," Savage said. "I'm not singing cultural music weh yuh can seh, 'Savage deh yah fi teach unuh.' It is not the artiste responsibility fi grow people children fi dem. It's the artiste responsibility fi grow his or her child and teach them the right way."

Savage told THE STAR that there have been times he was struck with a song idea and decided to keep it to himself because it seemed too silly. "But mi see next man do it and it go big - numba one. It nuh mean nutten. Di words just sound nice pon di beat," he said.


Radio play for the artiste ballooned after the release of the nonsensical Culu Culu and the dance friendly Jiggle Likkle, following the approach to songwriting made popular by artistes like Chi Ching Ching and Ding Dong.

"Mi have times when me go inna dah teaching mode deh, weh yuh haffi listen di message inna di song," Savage said.

"Sometimes I'm just sending a message fi seh, 'Yo! Have fun! Dance and throw yuh head ova dah wall deh and run and pick it up back.' Me? I'm here to entertain. When yuh figure out what the fans need, just go ahead and do it," he said.

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