STAR of the Month - Savage gets unexpected success

May 03, 2017

Stavage's emergence on the scene as a contender in the dancehall ring brought with it the indications of success that many artistes thrive for these days, besides hefty album sales.
After a hiatus from the spotlight, Savage didn't anticipate that his career would take off as quickly as it did. Now, the artiste is celebrating YouTube views in the millions and travelling worldwide.
"To tell yuh di truth, mi start tour quick - all over the Caribbean, in the Tri-state area and Canada. A Eurpoean tour is lining up," he said.
For Savage, even the response to his single Jiggle Likkle, which is now upwards of five million views on YouTube was a means to an end.
"Mi did expect fi just get a video, go out deh and do a next video," he told THE STAR.
Though it appears his career has taken new life, Savage doesn't categorise himself as a 'young artiste' on the scene.
Highlighting Masicka, Vershon and Jahmiel, the Culu Culu deejay said: "Dem yute deh fresh on the scene and a do dem tings well fi couple years now."
"Mi wouldn't call Popcaan and Alkaline young artistes. Dem been a do dem ting," Savage added.

Different strategy

One artiste who Savage does consider on his level, seasoned, but not nearly done, is Razor B.
"Anyweh mi go, me big him up," he said.
Though he is not aware of Razor B's attitude towards him or his career, Savage told THE STAR that his modus operandi is to build an artiste, rather than beat them down.
"Hear how my ting go now, mi try fi mek sure mi help where me can help. Since some man nah go do dat, mi wah change di game. Some man pick out a artiste and just war wid dem. Mi a pick out a artiste and help him, promote him, try a different strategy," he said.
Still, he hasn't left his war past behind.
"Mi tump after two a dem with a song name Kill A Man Now. Mi shub out a war song. It is aimed at Alkaline and Masicka," Savage continued, explaining that he didn't do the song to get any replies.
And although he has been achieving success with songs aimed at women, Savage insists that he is versatile and can still fire shots in a war.
"Don't forget why mi have the name Savage. Clean songs and music for the ladies, but don't forget who wi be," he said.

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