STAR of the Month : Savage credits success to teamwork

May 09, 2017


In a time when immigration issues are sensitive worldwide, Savage has taken flight and landed on stages across the Caribbean and North America.

Since the release of Culu Culu, the surge in Savage's popularity has afforded him the opportunity to perform on international stages.

Recently, the ghostwriter-turned-dancehall-artiste admitted that the number of his international bookings took off more quickly than anticipated, but is not a surprising development.

Savage's apparent international marketability can be attributed to the streaming success of his latest dancing tune called Jiggle Likkle.

The video has been viewed on YouTube over five million times, but the artiste doesn't believe that his travels are the result of Internet fandom alone.

In possession of a visitor's visa before his rise, the dancehall artiste believes that the acquisition of a work permit is a direct result of dedicated teamwork.

"Yuh have artiste out deh wid hot song right now, and dem nah fly. An' dem have hot song long time, because dem nuh fit themselves wid the right team," Savage told THE STAR. "The work permit is all due to the team and their knowledge of the business."

Savage also revealed that his team is also working to securing tour dates for Europe this year.

Hinting that Culu Culu could have been a hit song regardless, Savage said that without the right team he could have be as flightless as other recording artistes.

According to Savage, he had the team "fi seh mek we guh out deh an' link who we fi link and get this thing together. Yuh ah guh need a writer, a person weh tek picture, someone to put together all the paper dem".

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