My Confession: My man beat me over a text


May 12, 2017

STAR, me say me used to deh with a man and me neva know seh a so him fool. A good thing me find out from early and leave him, because him woulda kill me ova foolishness.

Mi and this man were together fi about six months and things did a gwaan all right. Me did know he wasn't book smart, but he was a hard-working man, and me did love him fi that. Him did have a little taxi business, where him have about four cars on the road. So, although him wasn't so literate, me neva shame fi talk to him, because him have ambition.

Me notice from early on seh him very jealous and overprotective. Him used to get cross when man call to me pon road, but me did think a just because him love me.

It so happen that one weekend when me did stay ova him house, and when me go sleep, him go inna me phone go see some messages between me and a friend, and misinterpret the messages dem.

My friend sent a voice note to me and said, "Girl, me see you ova gym the other day. A so you a gwaan bad? How was it?"

So me write back to her, and say something like, "It was great. All now me pain up from all the things dem wah the man mek me do. Me can't wait fi go back again, because me love it."


Me only feel when the man start give me some rahtid lick inna mi back and a say, "Who name Jim? You a tek Jim a daytime when me a work?"

All when me start cry and a explain to him, him wouldn't listen. Mi pack up me things dem and lef him yard same time. A long after him calm down and realise him mistake. But me wouldn't go back to him, because him might kill me outta ignorance.

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