MY CONFESSION: I was awoken by my friend having sex beside me in the bed


July 21, 2017

STAR, I used to have this friend when I was going to school in Mandeville. Her man lived in the parish where we come from and he didn't drive, so they hardly got to see each other.

One holiday weekend, him come up to look for her and them invite me to come hang out with them. I agreed to meet up at my friend's place to chill with them.

I didn't plan to sleep there because I was thinking they must need the night time to 'get their groove on' or whatever. We ended up playing ludo until after 12 and didn't realise it was so late, so at that point I couldn't go home.

My friend had a very big bed and I took my little place at the edge, said my prayers and went to sleep. STAR, I am a very light sleeper. If a pin drops I hear it and wake up.

Little bit after I fell asleep, I felt like there was an earthquake. The bed was shaking and I heard my friend making some sounds. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to tell myself this was not happening.

Then the sounds got even louder and the bed start move more. Me seh STAR, me hurt suh till! When mi couldn't take it nuh more me seh, "Guys, like seriously??"

Then shortly after they got up and went into the bathroom where the noise get even louder. I was just happy they weren't on the bed anymore.

STAR, yuh know the worse part? The next morning them act like nothing happened and when me mention it to my friend, she say not a thing nuh guh so, a mussi dream mi dream it!

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