Dancers' Paradise : John Bling's moves pushing him to stardom

October 06, 2017
John Bling
John Bling

Popular dancehall dancer John Bling is well on his way to becoming a jack of all trades.

Famous for creating the timeless 'tek weh yuhself' dance, the performer evolved from an office worker into what he hopes will be a lucrative career as a recording artiste.

The 'fancy-foot man' manages his own dance crew called Black Dice, as he simultaneously makes moves to advance his musical career.

"Dancing is more like miming and I wanted to express myself vocally. Plus, there're no royalties on your foot and I wanted to leave my legacy with generations to come," Bling told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"I made the move from dancing into music because music was always a part of me; from writing songs as far back as high-school days. Me and my friends used to record ourselves on cassettes and take it to school and play for our schoolmates. But dancing gave us the recognition," Bling said.

He once worked at the Ministry of Local Government as an inventory clerk. Just after leaving that position, in a leap of faith, he took to the streets to explore his potential as a dancer.

"At first, I didn't know that dancing would be a lucrative career, but I loved it. There was always something inside me telling me this was a part of my destiny and purpose. And I guess having faith and working hard has paid off."

Bling was one of many Jamaican dancers featured in the 2016 film King of the Dancehall, starring Nick Cannon, Busta Rhymes, Whoopi Goldberg and Jamaican actress Kimberly Patterson.

"Entertainment has no boundaries and I am just exploring. I'm simply evolving from a caterpillar into a butterfly," he said

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