Adrian Markland finally answered God's call


October 07, 2017
George Henry photo Adrian Markland

The statement, 'The Lord works in mysterious ways with wonders to perform', is associated with many persons, and Adrian Markland is one of them.

Markland, who is a member of the Living Water Apostolic Church of God at Four Paths in Clarendon, testified that he surrendered his life to the Lord over four years ago.

However, according to him, he initially had no plans to do so.

"I was a man who was living in the garrison. People never expected a change in me," he said. Markland recalled that someone asked him to carry a jug of water for persons to drink at a church groundbreaking.

"I never went there to attend church. I went to help construct the building and then to go about my business, but the Lord got ahold of me," testified Markland.

He added that since then, he has not looked back, and has no intention to do so. Markland testified further that someone prophesied that the church he was helping to construct was going to be his place of worship.

That is now a reality, and according to him, he is enjoying living for Jesus Christ.

"I told the person that what he was telling me would not have come to pass; but I was really trying to run from the prophecy," he said.

Markland said he was a sound system selector, and he went to a dance in Clarendon, and while there, he felt a pain in his side.

"I called my brother-in-law; and when he came he asked me if I wanted to go to the doctor. I told him no, and that I was aware as to what was happening to me," shared the ordained deacon.

Markland said he was aware that God was calling him, and so he told his brother-in-law that he should take him home so that he could go to his room to have a private moment with the Lord.

"While I was in my room I said, 'God if you want me, you have to show me where'. The next morning, I got my Bible and turned to a scripture which says, 'Arise and be baptised'; because I was questioning God, asking if I should be baptised. I got baptised not long after," he said.

Markland, who did not have a child at the time, said his current church bishop prophesied that he was going to get one, and it came to pass not very long thereafter.

"I have received many blessings from the Lord since being saved. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down, but God has been good. He provided me with a wonderful wife and family, and for those, I am most grateful to my God," said Markland.


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