STAR of the Month: Agent Sasco won't sacrifice values to fit stereotypes


October 11, 2017
Omarie Morgan/Photographer STAR of the Month Agent Sasco
Omarie Morgan/Photographer STAR of the Month Agent Sasco, says certain styles simply 'don't fit his programme'.

Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror, which was released in 1987, has real meaning for Agent Sasco.

The dancehall artiste, who seeks to stay away from controversy, has made deliberate decisions not to indulge in things that do not fit with his image.

"When me look inna the mirror when every light lock off ... who look back at me must be Jeffrey Campbell, who me recognise both physically and mentally," Agent Sasco said.

The Camperdown graduate, who once had his sights set on journalism as a career, said he recognised that the man in the mirror who stared back at Michael Jackson was different from the one who started his musical journey.

"My father is an ex-military man. Me grow rough and tough. Piercings nuh fit inna my programme. Tattoos don't fit inna my programme. This is not an indictment on any man with piercings and tattoos ... . Every fashion is not for me, certain hairstyle is not for me. You are not going to see me in a Mohawk and dem thing deh cause it just nuh fit how me see myself and how me wah represent myself," Agent Sasco said.

The STAR of the Month said that he refuses to give into stereotypes about how dancehall artistes should look and what they should represent.

He also said that dancehall should be dancehall ,and people should do music based on how they feel and their own values.

"I wouldn't tell anyone to tailor their material to get any buy-in. Just be authentic," he said.

Meanwhile, Agent Sasco, while looking back at his 17-year career, said he is not always proud of all that he has done.

"I grade myself really hard. Sometimes I record a song and I don't even want to hear it back, so you can imagine hearing a song that you did 15 years ago, just where you were and where you are now. But I challenge myself to listen to them and appreciate them and learn from them," he said.

He said there are a lot of things that he would have done differently, knowing all that he knows now.

"But I appreciate the journey of them as they were part of my development. And so I don't regret them, now because if you never have them, you couldn't have the present," Agent Sasco said.

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