My Confession: My lies made him leave his wife


May 04, 2018

STAR, couple of years ago, me meet a youth but him did married. Me love him from him meet me and get really attached to him cuz him did really nice.

Jealousy start kick in and me know me need to get him wife out the picture, but miss lady have money and when she start suspect say him have woman, she start shower him with gifts.

Him wife start send some little threats on Facebook to me and me bad her up and delete me comments.

Me start do her up bad, but every time she tell di man, me play it off and tell him a lie she a tell and him believe me cuz him know she troublesome.

When me see say him have me as a little angel, me start all make up some story and tell him how she a trouble me, and even tell him how she try run me over with her car.

Him parents did suspect say me a tell lie, but all dem him cuss the way him love me. Him did well wah one baby and is like she did a have problem to get pregnant, so me start drink all type a bush, but nothing never happen.

Of course, me tell lie say me pregnant and start walk and push out me belly and ting. Me start put on weight because me did a take Peritol.

One night, the woman buck me and dig off me face and kick me down, and right there so me opportunity come.

Me check in a one hospital shortly after and call him and no ask if me no puddung di cow bawling on the phone and tell him how me lose the baby.

Mr Man get mad and give her a piece a beating deh and move out the house and take up residence a me yard.

A almost four year now and up to now him don't know say a lie me did tell. Kinda sorry she get beat up, but a so it go ya man.

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