Check Up: She can't 'hold it in'


January 10, 2018

Dear readers,

KT is totally stressed out with the new developments in her life.

She is a 40-year-old mother who has recently started wearing panty shields all the time because she has noticed that small amounts of her urine escape during the day, causing repeated episodes of minor wetting. This is embarrassing!

Her doctor told her several years ago that she had large uterine fibroids. KT asks Check Up if the recent urine-wetting episodes could be related to her fibroids.

KT, if you have large uterine fibroids they could now be competing with your bladder for space in your abdomen and could be pressing on your bladder.

This would limit the amount of urine your bladder can hold, which could result in your problem of escaping urine.

It could also be causing other problems in your abdomen, like causing back pressure up in your urine tubes (ureters) running from the kidneys, which often results in 'Hydro ureters' or even kidney disease.

This pressure can also cause hernias, such as diaphragmatic and inguinal hernias, which can occur with really large uterine fibroids exerting increased

intra-abdominal pressure.

The frequent wetting could also be unrelated to your uterine fibroids and due to another cause entirely, including an easily treatable cause such as a urinary tract infection.

Please stop avoiding a checkup with your doctor and go in to sort this problem out as soon as possible! In the meanwhile, avoid drinking coffee and alcohol and eating spicy foods, which will tend to worsen the problem.

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