Bailiff having difficulty to effect levy on policewoman's goods

October 30, 2015

The bailiff for Kingston, Augustus Sherriah, is seeking to seize goods belonging to a policewoman to satisfy a $700,000 Supreme Court award, but he has not been successful.

Sherriah says Deputy Superintendent Udine Downy is aware of the court order. He said yesterday that so far, she has made no payment at his office. He said he is having difficulty executing the writ of seizure and sale.

The money is owed to woodworker Dennis Davis for work done on Downy's house in 2009.

A ruling was made in Davis' favour in December last year. A writ of seizure and sale was obtained in January and handed over at the bailiff's office.

The writ gives the bailiff the power to seize and sell goods belonging to Downy to recover the amount.

A bailiff had said in June that he went several times to the police station, where Downy was attached, and could not locate her.

In response to the claim, Downy, who is an attorney-at-law, had said earlier this year that she was challenging the award made to Davis.

Davis said he was very frustrated that despite the court order, he could receive justice.

"If this is the way justice is done in Jamaica, then we have a very serious problem," Davis said.

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