Alleged Jamaican serial thief held in Trinidad

November 24, 2015


A Jamaican national, who broke his leg while recently attempting to get away from authorities in Trinidad, was arrested following a series of break-in attempts.

The man is expected to be charged with possession of housebreaking implements and store-breaking with intent.

The suspect was arrested as he tried to enter a jewellery store in the country. It is said that he is wanted for at least 10 break-ins at business places in San Fernando. The accused man was attempting to gain entry through the rooftop of the building in which he was held, police said.


some climbing


According to the Trinidad Express, some officers were on mobile patrol in the area and responded to a call for assistance. The officers surrounded the building, with some climbing to the rooftop of the structure to apprehend the suspect.

However, even though the 28-year-old suspect jumped 25 feet off the building in an attempt to elude the officers, he failed, suffering a broken leg in the process.

He is being held in police custody pending a court appearance.

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