Woman beats vagina with block - shocking dancehall video posted online

December 08, 2015
Building blocks

Seemingly, moves in the dancehall get weirder everyday. There have been women beating their private parts with fire, with a cat, and now, in the latest video posted online, there is a woman who has chosen to hit her most intimate body part with a building block.

In a 13-second clip captured at a dance, a woman, while lying on the ground, hits herself repeatedly in the groin area with the full size block, before lifting and dropping it on her private area.

As a result of the impact, the block is shattered into several pieces. Seemingly not fazed by the impact, the woman continues to gyrate on what was left of the block, to loud cheers and screams from apparent patrons.

The video, posted on December 3, has already been shared 13,069 times garnering only 13 likes.

If the comments attached to the post are anything to go by, then most of the viewers were angered by the woman's actions.

One viewer, Venessa Singh, said; "Shi sick inna har head."

Another viewer, Shianne Young, was quick to point out; "Ain't ... cute about dis."

Then there was one viewer who also stated that the woman in the video, "... nuh ave no respect fi har self."

When THE STAR contacted a medical doctor, he was quick to denounce the practice.

Dr Jephthah Ford told THE STAR about health implications associated with this bizarre act. "The pubic bone could damage the skin above the vagina. If the skin hits against the bone, it can cut against the surface. It can cause laceration secondary to blunt trauma.

"Bleeding under the skin may occur in the form of Haematoma and she could end up with inflamation."

While THE STAR was not privy to the type or standard of block used in the video, the Bureau of Standard (BSJ) recently sounded an alarm about inferior building blocks being made.

There is said to be a high percentage of non-compliant hollow concrete blocks in the market.

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