January 19, 2016

A man who was born in Kingston in the early 1970s, but relocated to Carlton, Clarendon, in 1978 to live with his stepmother, is seeking to be reunited with his mother, providing she is alive today.

The man, who is known as 'Doodle Man', said his stepmother gave him the name Michael Davis, but that was not his name at birth. And, according to his chronology, he is over 40 years old.

But, after being given away by his mother, he said his life was not easy.

"Imagine, a mongrel dog with mange and you don't want him around you so you would kick him and run him, that was how I was treated," he said, noting that he is unable to read and write fluently, rendering him partially illiterate.


According to him, his stepmother, Ms Mertella Mare, who is now deceased, did not tell him much about his mother, known only as Miss Carmen, so he did not know where she was or how to find her.

"I was also told my mother was a vendor who used to sell at the Parade beside a store called May Fare Store. Ms Mare used to live in Pink Lane and Regent in Kingston," he said, noting that he was told that his mother used to sell alongside Ms Mare and another woman known only as Cynthia.

Despite having only limited information about his mother, Doodle Man said he was told that she had three sons in total, but another woman had taken his other two brothers. Their whereabouts are also unknown.


Doodle Man told THE STAR that he went in search of his stepmother's sister, Ms Es-Stemmer Mare, and found her in May Pen, Clarendon, but that encounter did not provide any additional information.

THE STAR gathered that he has also made several failed attempts to reunite with his family, the latest being a caller on the radio programme, Family Contact, on RJR.

Desperate to reunite with his family, he is asking anyone with information to contact him at 317-2503.

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