6-month-old baby exposed to ganja smoke at political rally, parents unbothered

February 22, 2016

The various health hazards to which a young baby is exposed at a huge gathering were no deterrent for the 19-year-old parents of Tyquan Taylor.

The wide-eyed six-month-old child was in the thick of things as the scent of marijuana wafted in the air at the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) mass meeting in Half-Way Tree Sunday.

"The thing up and everything, so mi have to bring my son," said Tyquan's father, Tajee.

His mother, Shamikie Thompson, concurred.

"I am just here to support and have fun," said Thompson. "Staying home and watching it on TV is not fun."

When asked if he was concerned about the marijuana smoking around his baby, Tyquan said he was not sure.

"We are not sure, but so far everything good," Tyquan said.

The family of three hails from St Andrew Western and both parents said they are enumerated to vote.

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