'Artistes should stay out of politics' *Up-and-coming deejay Axygen refuses to vote

February 26, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Up-and-coming artiste Axygen says he did not vote in yesterday's General Election.

Spanish Town-based up-and-coming entertainer Axygen says established acts as well as 'on the rise artistes', like himself ,deliberately try to stay clear of voting or remain neutral, as it is simply good business sense.

His comments come after a story published in yesterday's STAR revealed that a number of entertainers were not enumerated and subsequently could not vote.

However, the entertainer, who was seen on the outskirts of Spanish Town yesterday, which is the constituency of Olivia 'Basby' Grange, said he has no issue with the political process nor voting, but he prefers not to get involved.

"Me nah tell anybody not to vote, me just a tell them fi know weh them a do when them a vote. Artistes on a whole have to be careful though because we can lose fans," he said.

"Everybody fi vote, voting is important, but as an artiste you can't really pick no side. You haffi do you thing and know weh you do. We just haffi just stay neutral."

Axygen explained that artistes should instead vote in private.

"It's very important to vote, but you know artistes have to always keep a neutral ground because we can't really tek no side, it's a business. This music ting is different, so you don't want a fan to say me a PNP and dah youth deh a Labourite," he reasoned.

Hoping to get his big break this year, the entertainer maintains that he instead focus on his music and stay away from making the headlines in any bad way.

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