Portland gets agricultural production zone


January 16, 2017

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Hon J.C. Hutchinson is encouraging farmers in Spring Garden, Portland, to organise and benefit from expansion in the agro-industry.

The Government is in the process of entering into a long-term lease for the 200-acre Lennox property from the Agro Investment Corporation (AIC) to the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), for the setting up of an agricultural production zone.

Addressing farmers in the area last Thursday, Hutchinson said they will benefit more by engaging as a structured group, working with RADA and other agencies.

"Once you start producing, anything that you can produce, there will be markets," the minister told farmers and investors in the area.

Seventy-five acres of the land are earmarked for banana production, 50 acres for plantain, 50 for pepper, and 25 for onion. Sections will be reserved for the youth and small farmers.

The crops produced by the farmers can be sold and processed in the agricultural production zone.

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