Assistant manager charged with larceny


January 26, 2017

A St Catherine woman who allegedly stole more than $700,000 from her employer was granted bail in the sum of $400,000 in the St Catherine Parish Court on Tuesday.

Denise Mills of Portmore, St Catherine, has been charged with larceny as a servant.

The court heard that Mills was employed as an assistant manager at a wholesale in Portmore. She said the court heard that money collected for goods in the business over a period of six months could not be accounted for.

As a result, the police were called in, and following an investigation Mills was charged with larceny as a servant.

When the matter came up in court before Parish Judge Grace Henry-McKenzie, Mills' attorney, Germaine Smith, told the court that there is not enough evidence to convict his client.

He told court she has a steady place of abode and will turn up for her trial. The judge then granted her bail.

- R.T.

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