Man takes out ad to get back wife


March 07, 2017

Damian woke up early Sunday morning and placed a copy of The Sunday Gleaner at his wife's door.

On it, was a note that pointed to an advertisement that he spent thousands of dollars to have printed.

"When yuh in trouble, baby clothes fit yuh," Damian told THE STAR yesterday.

In the advertisement, the repentant husband said "You are the only woman in the world I want, and I am declaring that to the world. With you as my wife, I have no room in my heart for anyone else except for you".

Asked yesterday what he did wrong, Damian said "Man and woman thing."

He said his wife, whom he called Kay, is his love of 17 years.

"When we got married nine years ago, we took vows of selflessness, which was crafted by us and not to be broken. I didn't think about it then, but I realise now that it must have cut you at the deepest level what I did. Not only did you lose trust in me, but it ripped you up emotionally," Damian wrote.

He also penned that "the devastation of what I did was so great that I understand why God told Israel to execute all who have done my doings".

"Words cannot convey my regret for your sense of betrayal and loss of security. I truly believe in my heart that no other woman would have travelled so far with me with these many troubles," he said.

The ad described Kay as "a unique, and a very tolerant angel who always kept true to the marriage". Damian apologised for lies, corrupt thoughts and behaviour, and expressed hope she would forgive him.

Damian told THE STAR his wife is yet to comment on it.

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