Teen gets nine months in prison for robbing woman


April 10, 2017

Ayoung man has been hit with nine months' imprisonment at hard labour for his part in an aggravated robbery in the upscale community of Cherry Gardens, St Andrew, late last year.

A part of the incident was videotaped by a licensed firearm holder, who had intervened to assist the complainant. The video was later heavily circulated online.

The accused, 18-year-old Kenroy Facey, pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday to the charge of aggravated robbery. His co-accused, Ian Bowman, 26, of Mountain View, Kingston, also pleaded guilty, but was remanded until Monday for sentencing, as the court heard that he is implicated in another recent robbery.

Under caution, Facey told the police, "A me did a ride the bike. A mi auntie me did a go look fa. Mi see the lady (complainant), and [Bowman] jump off and take the things from the lady. Mi neva find weh mi auntie live, and when mi a come back, a car slap me and run over me foot,"

Reports are that on the day in question, the female complainant was walking down the hill in Cherry Gardens, carrying her Samsung Galaxy S5 and a leather purse, when she heard a motorbike approaching. It passed her and went up the hill with two men on-board, then it turned around and came towards her.

One of the men jumped off the bike, took out a knife, and held it to her saying, "Gimme the phone." She reported that she threw the phone and purse, and ran.


Upon realising what was transpiring, a licensed firearm holder, who was driving by, intervened and assisted the complainant. He then held the men until the police came.

Before handing down her sentence to Facey, Judge Andrea Collins heard that he was involved in a robbery at 16 years old, and was on probation for two years.

Upon handing down the nine-month prison sentence, Collins said, "It can't escape my attention that you used violence. It has become very expensive for persons to move around because they can't walk on the streets anymore."

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