Passenger rebuked for trying to silence bus preacher


April 13, 2017

A man who begged for peace and quiet on a Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus in Kingston on Tuesday was rebuked by a preacher who insisted that she would not be silenced.

The preacher woman, backed by some passengers, sought to push through the message that God is about to make an appearance and that persons should be prepared for His coming.

However, one man who was among the passengers on the number 47 bus taking commuters from Molynes Road to Half-Way Tree, decided that the noise was too much.

"Don't you know that preaching on the bus is against the company's rule?" he asked.

The man said further that the preacher woman was being inconsiderate, and that she was disturbing other passengers. However, he got limited support, and some passengers were adamant that the woman should continue delivering God's words.

"Woman, preach out," one passenger said.

"I was sick badly and saved by the Lord, so I know He is real. The devil will always find a way to disturb God people from carrying out His message," a woman said in defence of the preacher.

Another woman who joined the conversation said it is "wicked people" who are seeking to silence Christians.

The JUTC in 2012 banned lay preachers from using the public transportation system as their platform to spread the Gospel.

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