Prostitutes warned to stay away from Falmouth


May 09, 2017
Mayor of Falmouth Collin Gager

Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, has expressed strong support to the police following the forced removal of persons believed to be involved in prostitution from 'Back Road' in the town. "I am a devout Christian. I am guided by the moral responsibilities my parents instilled in me. The police have my 100 per cent support," Gager said.

Nearly three dozen people were arrested on Saturday night when police swooped down on Falmouth's infamous area, which has become a haven for prostitutes and their clients, making life miserable for residents.

"We conducted a raid in the area and a total of 33 persons, 16 women and 17 men, were arrested," the police said.

Superintendent Clive Blair, head of the Trelawny police, said that the move to rid Falmouth of prostitutes will be sustained.

"Stay away from the town of Falmouth, we don't welcome them here," he said.

Blair said that the cops have, occasionally, carried out raids in Back Road. He said that police recognise that problems prostitution could have for the town, pointing for example at the migration of criminals to that area, as well as human trafficking.

The WESTERN STAR last week reported on the ordeal being experienced by an elderly couple whose yard has been transformed into a romping ship by prostitutes.


Franklyn Henry, the 84-year-old resident whose yard was being used as a sex shop, had described the prostitutes' behaviour as cruel. He is now a happy man since the raid.

"Action has been taken to relieve me of my misery," said Henry. "In addition to the raid by the police, the Jamaica Public Service has installed a very bright light on the pole just outside my window. Now that the police have intervened, I hope they will now stay away."

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