Montague announces new police awards


May 10, 2017

National security minister Robert Montague has announced a programme which is said to be aimed at showing appreciation, of recognising and rewarding the hard work of police personnel.

The award, which will be called the Minister's Medal of Appreciation, is to be given in three categories Community Service, Operations and for Non-Geographic. The medals will be gold, silver and bronze one for each category.

Montague said the nominees must be selected by the federation through the respective police divisions, and vetted by a panel of retired commissioners.

The minister said the new awards are intended to build morale within the police force.

"The welfare of our serving men and women cannot be the responsibility of the Police Federation alone. If the Government recruits you, trains you, pays you, assigns you and you get injured on the job, why must you call someone else to look after your welfare? No, it is not right," Montague said.

He announced that he will promote and "big up Police Week so persons can be informed of the wonderful work being done by our police personnel."

"During that week I will also declare a day of mourning for fallen police personnel," he said.

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