Man robbed by prostitutes


June 16, 2017
A gay man being evicted from the Shoemaker Gully in Kingston.

A man was ganged, beaten up, and robbed by three persons, who appear to be cross-dressers in New Kingston.

The incident, which is believed to have taken place recently, was filmed and a video has been circulating online. The aggressors, who are dressed as females, are believed to be cross-dressers who occupy the nearby Shoemaker Gully.

"Yu come buy b***y and nah no money," one of the persons shouted, while grabbing the hapless man. The clip shows the aggressors relieving the man of valuables, including his watch and wallet. The victim is then tackled and then tossed into the road.

It is unclear whether the man had gone to the area to purchase sexual favours or he was the target of a robbery.

A policeman at the New Kingston Police Post told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is unaware of this particular incident. However, he said that he has received a number of reports of men posing as 'female sex workers' who prey on unsuspecting members of the public.

"Some of them strip themselves naked, try to show people their genitals, try rob women of their wigs, handbags, female clothing as well as threaten females," he said.

The cop also said that he has heard of instances when persons are abused because they refuse to pay the amount of money being demanded for the sexual services.

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