St Bess health department probes 'bad water' rumours


June 27, 2017

St Elizabeth health officials have launched a probe into allegations that truckers are selling householders water fit for the fields.

Parish manager at the St Elizabeth Health Department, Shawn Brissett, said that though allegations were never reported to his office, there is a cause for concern and a thorough investigation is warranted.

During a recent visit by THE STAR to several communities in south St Elizabeth, some residents say running water has been absent from pipes for almost three decades.

Several residents theorised there is a limit to which trucked water can be delivered on a timely basis from a source at Alpart, so irrigation water is substituted sometimes.

"They get irrigation water and sell back to the community. We are going through hell down here. We would love to see running water through pipes," said one resident, who said he was treated after developing health complications from the 'irrigation water'.


Brissett said the health officer will investigate if there is any truth to this matter and, if so, "we will have to take appropriate action against the perpetrators who are doing this sort of nonsense."

Brissett said the health department normally tests the water to find out if it is good for human consumption.

"I have an officer that does that. But in the terms of taking water destined for the fields to the households, I am not aware of such a matter."

Brissett said the department makes checks regularly, and there is an officer designated to test the NWC water sources, and water coming through the pipes and various community tanks.

- A.W.

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