Jamaicans urged to avoid phone scam


July 04, 2017
Dr. Andrew Wheatley

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. Andrew Wheatley is urging Jamaicans to remain vigilant and protect their information in light of the Wang-iri Phone Scam that has been affecting numerous phone subscribers.

Between Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2, a number of subscribers on the Digicel network received phone calls which appeared to be originating from Poland. The calls are a type of scam known as 'Wangiri'. Wangiri is a Japanese word meaning "one ring and cut".

On receipt of the calls subscribers are given particular instructions and in some cases where the call was missed and the subscriber returned the call, they incurred a premium charge.

"We are encouraging users to stay vigilant and ignore any calls from unexpected/ unfamiliar country codes. Let these calls go to voicemail and do not call the numbers back." urged Wheatley.

"If you answer inadvertently, do not follow the instructions given and hang up quickly. Please also ensure that you set a password on your phone, laptop, or tablet and keep them locked when not in use" Minister Wheatley said.

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