'I won't marry him' ... Pregnant church girl refuse to wed baby daddy


July 05, 2017
Pregnant mother

A holy ghost-filled Christian woman who got pregnant after she had sex with a man in her community is resisting strong suggestions from her elders to wed the man who knocked her up.

The girl, 21, said she got pregnant after a breif relationship with the man, who is not a Christian.

"Mi know weh me do wrong but some a dem no stop rub it in," the pregnant woman said.

"A couple a dem come to me and a say me fi married to him but mi can't married to him and me no feel him a the married type," she told THE STAR.

Sex before marriage is included in the biblical definition of sexual immorality. Keisha* told THE STAR that she was well aware that she was breaking biblical rules when she decided to engage in sex outside of marriage, pointing out that she got baptised as an toddler and has been an active member of the church ever since.

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