Consumers warned to expect sugar price rise


July 12, 2017

Despite an announcement from commerce minister Karl Samuda that effective July 1, it should be mandatory for prepackaged brown and granulated sugar to be appropriately labelled, some shops and wholesales continue to sell the sweetener in clear plastic bags tied in a knot.

A shopkeeper, who feels the time between the announcement and the changes taking effect was too short, says he did not get a chance to purchase properly packaged and labelled sugar because he had just bought a huge bulk of the sweetener.

"Me buy me bags a sugar and wrap them out before them mek no announcement, so mi can't just dash dem weh so. Mi still a sell it, and people still a buy it," he said.

The shopkeeper, who sells sugar at $80 per pound, said that some of the customers are concerned that the new policy will lead to an increase in the price of the product.


"It a go more expensive because yuh know say yuh affi go pay fi package it and label it, and most people can't manage that cause just buy dem likkle one pound and a it that," he told THE STAR.

"Me affi go mek my same profit, so if me affi pay more fi label it, a di customers affi go bear the cost," he added.

One operator of a wholesale told THE STAR that she intends to comply with the guidelines, despite only becoming aware of the new requirements for selling the product after it became effective.

"Me hear it, but me no get it yet, but mi plan fi order some. Customers dem ask me if me nuh hear, but me tell them mi no get it yet," she said.

The wholesaler, who sells sugar at $75 per pound, said she would have to add at least add $15 to every pound of sugar based on the research she has done.

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